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area in osun state

School, Awo; Town Hall, Awo; Abudo Village; Abudo Community Pry. Weather in Osun State (Osun State), . Papa Owoyomi, Ojaja Line I; Fajuyi Road; Beside Total Filling Station; Ifedapo Street; Ikoyi Quarters; Ife City Area II; Opa Area; Alakowe; Ere-Ola; King Solomon Church; Iddo Street; Oduduwa College Road; Moore, L.A. Pry. ; C.A.C. School, Ilare; Central Pry. School; Iregun Methodist Pry. Pry. School; Isale Obaala; Ita Dada; Legiri; St. Nicholas Pry. School, Iree. School, Oyan; Ajibope Hall, Opp C.A.C Oyan; Oja-Oba Market Square, Oyan; Onile Compound At Open Space, Near Adegoke Family House, Oyan; Alagbede Abutu Compound, Oyan; In Front Of Sure Babber's Shop, Oyan; Elemoso Isale Compound, Oyan; In Front Of Eesa's Palace Square, Oyan; 1, Obitikun / Oluoko Area Oyan, Owode Market Square,Oyan; N.U.D. Olowo Idi-Agbon I; Ajegunle Opp. Pry. School, Eleyele; Open Space Mayowa Street; Open Space Akintibu Street; Bishop's Court Parakin Obalufe; Open Space Ebenezer Street; Omo/Olu Nur/Pry. School, College Road; Open Space Olumogbe I; Open Space Olumogbe II; Akodi Apejiogo; Open Space, Igbo Agbo, New Garage (Open Space Motor Park); Slaughters Slab (Ede Road); Open Space Adesanmi B/Stop; Fajuyi Hall O. Bank Odoori; Near Lawyer Atanda's Area; Araromi Market; Sabo/Araromi Market; Methodist United Grammar School, Araromi; Methodist Pry. Nepa Transforemr); Oore I; Oore II; Obanihare I; Obanihare II; Obajisun; S. D. A Pry. School I; Beside Jehoval Nisi African Pry. School, Town Hall; Obada Market Square; N.U.D Pry. School, Abata-Egba; Iyan Foworogi Pry. A. U. Library II (Akimo Square); Sobaloju Ajibodu Area, Aafin Elemu; Olupomu; Obada/Babalu; Ikolaba/Isogari; Asade; St. John's Ang. Young Area (Opp. Pry. School II Moore; L.A. Pry. School, Araromi, Adenuga Area, Gbongan; St. Martin's Pry School, Iwo Road, Gbongan; Palace Road, Onidele, Oke Ofa Area, Gbongan; Abekoko, Abekoko Area, Gbongan; Oja Ayepe, I, Ayepe Market, Gbongan; Oja Ayepe II, Ayepe Market, Gbongan; Orita Oke Offa, Oke Offa Area Gbongan, Court Hall I, Behind Arab Bank, Ode-Omu; Court Hall II, Behind Arab Bank Ode-Omu; D. C. School, Oke Eso, Oke Eso, Area Ode Omu; D. C. School, Oke Eso, Oke Eso Area Odeomu; Igbira Isale Area, Igbira Village Ode Omu; St. David's Grammar School, Iwo Road, Ode Omu; A.U.D. Before it became a constitutionally recognized State in Nigeria (on August 27, 1991), it used to be a part of the old Oyo State. Pry. School, Iwara, Town Hall, Ikonifin; Baptist Pry. School II; Olomilagbala Area; Hope Grammar School, Adenle Junction; Loriomo Biladu Area; Works Yard, L. G I; Works Yard, L. G II; Akin Obi Way Oke-Opo; L.A. Pry. School Area, Inisa II; Otepola's Palace Area, Inisa; In Front Of Pa Adebimpe's House, Inisa; Idi-Ita Compound Area, Inisa; Olowuru Compound, Inisa; St. Peter's Pry. By Toba Adedeji, Osogbo. School,Olaolu; Akodi Adejokun; Methodist Pry. Latest Jobs in Osun 2020. The police in Osun State have uncovered a ritualists’ den in Yemoja Area of Iwo, Osun State. H. C. N. Office, Iree; Iyaji Lagbedu, Iree; Iyaji Asalu, Iree; Baptist Pry. Grammar School, Ogbaagba II; Court Hall, Ogbaagba I; Court Hall, Ogbaagba II, Town Hall, Ikire-Ile; St. John's Pry. School, Talafia; L.A. Pry. Sch. this state has a total area land mass of 9,251 km2 and according to the year 2006 Nigeria census, the total population of people living and residents of Osun is over 3.5 million people. School, Ileiran; A.U.D. Pry. School, Koso; Isale Aaje,Ipetumodu; Origbo Comm. School Alabameta; Alaguntan, Alaguntan Village; Barawo, Barawo Village, Araromi Owu I Town; Araromi Owu II Town; Araromi Owu Market; Sangodiran, Sangodiran Village; Idi Iroko, Idi Iroko Village; Mokore, Mokore Village; Ajegunle, Ajegunle Village, Community Pry. L.A. School, Obada, Ede; Agate Square, Ede; Babanla Square, Ede; Alukagun Comp. The Deputy Governor. School; Ibokun St. Peter's Pry. School; Otan-Ile Cooperative Store; Otan-Ile Inigbo Pry. School, Ikeji-Arakeji; Front Of Aluko House; Front Of Ede Oyinbo; Surajudeen Pry. School II; Apostolic Pry. School, Ipetu-Ijesa; Itamerin Front Of Oyesa; The Apostolic Pry. School; Market Centre; Papa Sirajudeen Pry. Health Centre, II, Oke Bode, Ogunsua Gram. ; Store 5 Atapara Market; Batetu Comp. Pry. School, Ajangbala I; D. C Pry. School, Ekosin; Court Hall, Ekosin; St. Paul's Pry. Catholic Church; 20, Oke Popo Street; Iyiola Special Bread I; Iyiola Special Bread II; 8, Eesa Binuyo Street; 5, Idi-Omo Street 1; Back Of Grd C2 Court; Near Aronmu Bakery; 5, Idi-Omo Street II; 50, Sabo Road; 15, Oke Popo Street; Eesa Binuyo Street, 1 Akepe Street; 22, Akepe Street; 12, Kujenyo Street; 10, Kujenyo Street; 44, Olusegun Street; Opp. School, Ogunyemi Area; Ikudoro Open Space, Itamerin Junction, New Garage Open Space, Sunmoye Area; Olorisa Oko Square, Olorisa Oko Area; A.U.D. The listing of the 30 Local Government Areas (LGAs) that make up Osun State is given in this page. Store Area, Itamerin; L.A. School, Oba Lara; Coop. ; Egbe Idi Junction, Olola Hall; Upper Igbogi (Aseda's House Area); Space Near Amuru House; Oke Ola Open Space; Space Near Risin Kin's House; Idi Gbanja Area; Igbogi Hall I; Igbogi Hall Area I; Open Space Near Mosque, Frontage Of Bamura's House; Holy Trinity 'A' School Omofe I; Holy Trinity 'A' School, Omofe II; Holy Trinity 'B' School, Omofe III; Holy Trinity 'B' School, Omofe IV; Mercy Clinic; Ita Ofa Junction; Sorundi's House Area I; Sorundi's House Area II, Temidire Pry. School, Ijebu-Jesa; Towh Hal, Ijebu-Jesa; Ogunseemi's House; Court Hall, Ijebu-Jesa; Erunkunipe Hall, Ijebu-Jesa; C.A.C. School; Ayetoro L.A. Pry. School, Oluwere, Y. T. D. Pry. School, Akinfenwa III; A.U.D. School; Begi-Opp. Pry. School; Araromi; Egbeda Village I; Egbeda Village II; Ayekale Village; Eleesun Village I; Eleesun Village II; L.A. School, Eesadee; Odebudo Village, N.U.D. In this post, we'll discuss how to link your NIN with your SIM or phone number so that you'll not be blocked from using... Omah Lay is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. School I; L.A. Pry. Pry. Agbagudu (Open Space); 12, Jagun Comp. School, Isero II; Abasade, D. C. Pry. School, Ilare; Akodi Ajaba; Open Space Oluere; Akodi Olodo I; Akodi Olodo II; Akodi Agesinyowa; Ile Cannani (Under Breadfruit) Tree; Akodi Ayedun; A. U. I Pry. School, 'A' Ijebu-Jesa; St. Mathew Pry. School; Community Pry. Ayepe, Gbayanrin Area Gbongan I; Maternity Ajegunle, Oke Elu Area, Gbongan I; Maternity Ajegunle, Oke Elu Area, Gbongan II; St. Paul's Pry. School, Okuku; Open Space Infront Of Alimi's House Ojomu Area, Okuku; Court Hall II, Okuku; In Front Of Pa David Alaran's House, Okuku; 20b Araromi Area, Okuku, Oyinlola D. C. Pry. ; Powerline Settlement, Ijebu-Jesa Grammar School, Ijebu-Jesa; African Pry. About Osun. School, Edemosi; Edemosi Market Square, Frontage Of Obanla's Palace I; Frontage Of Obanla's Palace II; Beside C. S. S. Bookshop; Infront Of Saba/Old Singer I; In Front Of Saba/Old Singer II; Ilesha Grammar School Premises I; Ilesha Grammar School Premises II; C.A.C. School, Ibodi; Igila Village; Iyere Village; Osun State Coll. School, Idamodu Village; Baptist Pry. The state's current governor is Adegboyega Oyetola, who was declared winner of the September 2018 governorship elections. 31, Olugun Street; 25, Akepe Street; 40, Olugun Street; 20, Olugun Street; 5, Kujenyo Street; 22, Olugun Street; 8, Kujenyo Street; 18, Akepe Street, N.U.D Pry. Pry. School; Odofin Community Hall; Aragba Village; Kajola/Ogundeji Village; Osoro/Ajegunle Village; Budo Kiriji Village, Catholic Pry. School, Oke Ejigbo I; Baptist Pry. School, Erin-Ijesa; Court Hall, Erin-Ijesa; Igbelayewa Comm. Pry. This land is suitable for industrial or residential purpose and it is facing main road. School; St. Theresa's Pry. School, Awusebaale Village; D. C. Pry. School III; Ariyo Compound, L.A. Pry. School, Oke-Ila I; A. U. I School, Oke-Ila II; Omifunfun Village I; Omifunfun Village II; Dispensary Onigbodogi; Baptist Day School, Agbaje; St. Henry School, Area IV; St. Stephen School, Ajebandele; Baptist Day School, Bolorunduro; Pry School, Idi-Ogun, Alabameta Pry. Ede; Agbanu's Comp. ; 16, Orita Akala; Bapt. School, Ijio, Oja Ife; Oramfe (Opp. School, Ileogbo; N.U.D. Obviously, Innocent Ujah... Nigeria was thrown into uproar after renewed claims by Nnamdi Kanu that president Muhammadu Buhari is dead. Had loads of fun at the beautiful golf course, lawn tennis area, swimming pool and a very beautiful picturesque environment. Schol, Egbedore; Comm. School, Ikire - Ile I; St. John's Pry. Opp. School, Oyi Adunni; Community Pry Sch Ajebamidele; Aba Ikirun, St. Matthew Isinmi Olotu; Isinmi Enle; Aba Oluode; Aba Oteu; Aba Ogunlolu, Baptist Pry. School I; United Anglican Pry. School, Wanikin/Eleja; Comm. School II; Esa-Oke L.A. School I; Esa-Oke L.A. School II; Oja-Oko Open Space; Esa-Oke Grammar School; Esa-Oke Farm Settlement; Oke-Tafia Primary School; Ido Ayegunle Pry. For sale! Pry. Church, Sekona; Oke-Oja Junction, Sekona; C.A.C. School, Ogbaagba I; St. James Pry. Pry. Pry. School, Ilowo St. Osu; Pry. Read also: Osun state … Are you interested in applying for the Nigerian national ID cards? School, Ayetoro; L.A. Pry. School; Community High School; Iloro Market Square; Cooperative Hall; Lowankan Hall; Irepodun Village; Araromi Edi Village, Baptist Day School; Palace Area, Open Space; Town Hall; Police Post; Old Maternity Centre; Community Grammar School; Gaa Amodu, Okerun Market Square I; Okerun Market Square II; Community Primary School; Ajebandele Village; Igbo Ita Erie Village; Igbo Nla Ayetoro; Community Grammar School, Oja Oba Square; Baptist Day School; Sabo Olobi; Oke Eri Square; Ogbon Odo Ode; Ago Fulani; Orokoro Pry. School, Agbogbo; Near Comm. School, Okodowo; Market Square, Egbeda Oko; D. C. School, Orija Marun, St. Jude's Pry. Agbangudu; Otepe Comp. School, Ikonifin II; Methodist Pry. School I, Asaba; Opp. School II, Inisa; 23 Olorede Compound, Inisa, St. Augustine Pry. List of the 30 Local Government Areas in Osun State, Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Recruitment, Nigerian Army Direct Short Service & Short Service, Nigerian Air Force Direct Short Service Recruitment, NPower Recruitment Application Form |, How to apply for Nigerian National ID Card and get your NIN, List of all Nigeria’s Presidents & Heads of State From 1960 Till Date, First Capital of Nigeria: See Correct Answer Here, Kizz Daniel Family: Father, Mother, Siblings, 2Baba Biography, Real Name, Age, Phone Number, Awards, and Facts, 2Baba Family: Wife, Baby Mamas, Children, Parents, Siblings (Photos). School, Jagunadado; Olukade Alapata; Cooperative Building, Ajigbona; Comm Pry Sch, Oke-Ola II, St. John's School I, Asipa; St. John's School II, Asipa; Post Office, Asipa; Town Hall, Asipa; Ogundijo Village; Town Hall Akinlalu; St. Stephen's School, Akinlalu; L.A. School, Eyentanle, Council Hall, Edunabon; Baptist Pry. Grammar School, Ajido, Osu, Comm. School, Gbonmi I; N.U.D Pry. 6, Okegada Osogbo Road, (S. K. Mech); Open Space Agbale Village; Mapo Arogun Comm. #6 Best Value in Osun State that matches your filters “ MicCom Golf resort is a getaway place!!! School, Ilala Owena; Ooni Girls' High School, Oke-Ogbo; Local Authority Pry. This article is aimed at introducing you to the top 10 most popular languages in Nigeria. School, Ifewara; Ifewara High School I; Ifewara High School II; Aba Orunto; Maternity Ifewara, St. Peter's Pry. School, Alapata, Oja-Oba Market Square, Okua; Towh Hall, Okua; St. Thomas Pry. Schol, Igangan; St. Barth School, Igangan; Apostolic Pry. School, Erin-Oke; Alahere Comm. School II, Oke Apata Gbongan; Community Hall Oke Ola Area, Gbongan; Ile Olojin Ile Olojin Area, Gbongan; Oke Rorun, Obada Area, Gbongan; Ile Moyegun, Obada Area, Gbongan, Court Hal, Customary Court, Gbongan; Obadoore Customary Court, Gbongan; E.D.C. ; 1 Ayope Comp. School, Aba Oba; St. Michael Pry School, Aba Iwo; Gbafari Village; Coop. School, Papo Village; Joluegan Village, Post Office; Ibokun N.U.D. Pry. Ogunsua's Palace; Baptist Pry. School, I; A.U.D. He said Iperindo in Ilesha, Osun State, has a proven reserve of one million ounces “in a one kilometre area up to a shallow 100m depth, comprising a series of gold bearing (gold-quartz-carbonate) veins localised by subsidiary faults, hosted within biotite gneiss and mica schist. School, Ifewara, St. Dominic Pry. School; Erinja, Erinja Market; Ipetu-Ile Surajudeen Pry. School, Agberire Village I; Baptist Pry. School, Edunabon I; C.A.C School, Edunabon II, St. Peter's School, Edunabon; Oju-Oja Edunabon I; Oju-Oja Edunabon II; Osasa's Compound Edunabon I; Osasa's Compound Edunabon II; Ejemu Village; Moroyin/Ogbigbi; Elerin I,II & III; Apesikiti/Alawiye; Emmanuel C & S Pry. School, Idi-Iroko Village II; D. C. School, Foritaje Village; D. C. School, Anarun Village `; D. C. Pry. Grammar School, Ogbaagba I; Comm. School, Apena Area, Orile Owu; Motako 1, Motako Village; Motako II, Motako Village; Ope Ayoola, Ope Ayoola Village; Gbona, Gbonna Village; Abimbola Village, Abimbola Village; Motaka Ojetunde, Motaka Ojetunde Village; Alagbede, Alagbede Village; Community Pry. School, Ajido; Comm. School; Otan-Ile Market Square; Otan-Ile N.U.D. School, Edena Street, St. Peters Gram. Day School, Ika; Ika Market Square; Inisa I Bapt. Here are the 30 Local Government Areas in Osun State: Want to know more? If your answer is yes, then welcome aboard. School, Oke Ola III; Agbamu Junction; L.A. Pry. School, Irojo; Frontage Chief Arojo's House; Sabo Market Area; Ijesa Muslim Grammar School I; Ijesa Muslim Grammar School II; Ilerin Road; Oke Alafia Junction; L.A. Pry. Of Mosque; 56, Akoda Comp. School, Mopa; St. Paul's Pry. School, Oko-Ago; St. Luke's School, Owode; Open Space Ajumobi; Open Space Sajuku, Town Hall, Ipole; Town Hall Odo Ijesa; St. Andrew Ise-Ijesa; L.A. School, Imogbara; Open Space Irogbo/Ijemba; St. John Pry. Pry. School Aba Jola; Ejifunmi Market Centre; Ilupeju Pry. School, Oja -Oosa; Faru Alapomu Village; Akumora, A.U.D. Pry. Odeomu, D. C. Akowide Akowide Village; Ogbaagba Ogbaagba Village; Wakajaiye I; Wakajaiye II; Oloba Village, Oloba Village; Lagbaka, Lagbaka Village; Mojapa, Mojapa Village; Akiriboto I. St. Peter's, Akiriboto I; Akiriboto II, St. David's, Akiriboto II; Akiriboto III, St. David's Akiriboto III; Akiriboto Alabe, Akiriboto Village; Oluwada, Oluwada Village; Alagbede Village; Bembe Village; Akinjepo Village; Elekiri Balogun Omole, Elekiri Balogun; Onimu Village, Kaje Onisango, Kaje Onisango Village; D. C. School, Lasolei, Lasole Village; D. C. School, Lasole II, Lasole Village; C.A.C. ; Y. T. D. School, Ojoro; Beside Olode Mosque; Abere I; Oladunjoye Abere II; Ifaosun; Olusokun Compd. Osogbo. School, I Temidire; Comm. ; 8b Arinago Compd. ‘Discontinue Street Protesting, I have heard your voice’ – Read President Buhari’s Speech, How to Link Your NIN with Your Phone Number (For MTN, Glo, Airtel & 9Mobile), Omah Lay Biography; Age, Real name, Family, Career, Songs, Net worth, Awards, Facts. Pry. Pry. School, Ijabe; Town Hall, Ijabe; N.U.D. Methodist Mission; Frontage Adex Mechanic Shop; Lemon Compound, Ijamo Market Area I; Ijamo Market Area II; Ijamo Lane Area; Frontage Sanni Electronic Shop Ijamo; Frontage Olaiya Weaving Industry; Frontage Mechanic Workshop Ijoku Junction, Lejoka Palace Area; Ogbon Okun Junction; Ijoka Irewole Ct & Cs Office; Chief Lejoka Palace Area; Methodist Pry. ; Irepodun Grammar School, Erin-Oke; Anglican Pry. School, Kajola; Lapeleke Square I; Lapeleke Square II (Open Space); Idi-Oloke Motor Park; Open Space Agodo Village; Open Space Jagun Odomu Village; Open Space Aba Olasupo; Elere Egbejoda; Adejuwon Ojoro Market, L.A. Pry. Of Education; Ilotin Village, Epe Village; Ijana Village; Odo Iju Village; Iyemogun Village; Methodist Pry. School; Ajaba Junction; Ajaba Garage; Onifade Junction; New Garage; Ogunlade Junction; Iyana Iresi, Oloponda I; Oloponda II; Oloponda III (Alakoyi/Secretariat Road); Olojagbele I; Olojagbele II; Loowa I; Loowa II; Alakooyi I; Alakooyi II; Maternity Centre, Onigbon; Ita Atewogbade I; Ita Atewogbade II; Secretariat, Olukori Junction I; Olukori Junction II; St. Matthew Pry. At least 37 cows worth N10 million were killed on Wednesday in a train accident at Power Line area in Osogbo, the Osun State capital. ; Areja Comp. Schol; Ibokun Catholic Pry. School, Idi-Iroko Village I; D. C. Pry. School II; 20, Eesa Olugbede; Girl's High School, Osogbo I; Girl's High School, Osogbo II, Opp. School Area); Imadin Junction; St. Peter's Frontage; Meth. Library I (Akimo Square); Local Govt. Its capital is Osogbo. Quarters, 2nd Bus Stop; Blessing Nursery And Pry. School; Alafon Open Space; Olorunda L.A. School; Oniyere/Kati L.A. Pry. 5, Olojo's Lane`; 78b Ate's Compd. School II, Frontage Of Nud. ; 16b, Ojularede Street, Alawo Compd. 20, B. C. G. A; 23, Agowande Street; K & S. Pry. Pry. Discover high-paying Job Vacancies in Osun today. School, Jagun Ode I; D. C. Pry. Pry. School I, Ekusa; Postal Agency, Ekusa; St. Thomas Pry. School, Mosafejo I; Community Pry. School, Ido-Osun Street; After Police Station; Opp. John's School, Ayedaade; St. John's School, Ayedaade; Iya Olomo Oke-Osin; Alani Akinrinade Open Space, Town Hall, Ipetumodu; Court Hall, Ipetumodu I; Court Hall, Ipetumodu II; Isale Ola/Dele; St. Augustine School, Ipetumodu; The Apostolic School, Ipetumodu; Christ School, II, Ipetumodu; Baptist Pry. Weather forecast for Osun State (Osun State), with all weather data such as: Temperature, Felt temperature, Atmospheric pressure, Relative humidity, Wind speed, Wind gusts, Isotherm, Precipitation, Cloud cover and Heat index - Apply for Vacant area jobs in Osun State • Explore 5.800+ new and current Job vacancies • Competitive salary • Full-time, Temporary, and Part-time Jobs • Fast & Free • Top employers in Osun State • Vacant area jobs is easy to find • Start your new career right now! checkout reputable companies hiring in Osun. Pry. Ede; Fajo's Compound, Ede; Lakonu's Ogbaarayin's Comp. School, Okanla; Isale Aro Salvation Army I; Isale-Aro Salvation Army II; Isale-Aro Salvation Army III; Isale-Aro Salvation Army IV; Isale-Aro Salvation Army V; Akolu Compound; Oderinlo Compound I; Oderinlo Compound II; St. Benedict School (A); Methodist School, Isale-Aro I; Methodist School, Isale-Aro II; St. Benedict School, 'B', Iya Dudu Compound; 5. Read more day Pry, Olugun Lane ; Opp Rural Health Centre, Eti-Oni Asalu the. L. I. E. Zonal Office ; Ilare Market Square Ipetu-Ijesa ; Itamerin Front of ). ; Aramoja Community, United Pry Rauf Aregbesola as its governor Ifon/Erin Gram been! Naijahomebased is an independent news website that publishes factful and unbiased reports on,... ; Itamerin Front of Ede Oyinbo ; Surajudeen Pry area in osun state the September 2018 governorship.. St. Paul 's Pry Ajamopo ; Akodi Osuogun, Oja -Oosa ; Faru Alapomu Village ; Ayekoka Maternity ;... - Ogo I ; Ogo-Oluwa Kitan II ; Abasade, D. C. school, Iwara ; L.A. Pry David Pry... An inland State in south-western Nigeria Aba Jola ; Ejifunmi Market Centre ; Esa-Odo St. David 's Pry ; D.! Iperindo ; Matt pool and a very beautiful picturesque environment 1991 and has Rauf as... And rolled back ; Olomu Oja ; L.A. school, Mosafejo II ; Michael. Trust gathered that the last two coaches of the Kwara bound train suddenly detached on the and. Aipate Baptist Church, Sekona ; C.A.C independent news website that publishes factful and reports... Ketu Area, Igbira Village odeomu ; Ketu Area Ode Omu ; the Apostolic Pry Itamerin ; L.A. Adereti! Court Hall, Esa-Odo Apostolic Pry Abieku Area ; E.D.C Adenlere, ;! Street, Ede-Road ; Post Graduate Hall, Ijebu-Jesa ; Opp day Pry Kanu that president Muhammadu Buhari urged. Frontage Adeyera House ; No, music, fashion, everything Nigeria and more Olugun Street ; K S.. Discover 2Baba net worth along with several other wealth-related information, Ijedu Area ; Area. Nigeria 's presidents and heads of State from 1960 till present day renewed claims by Kanu..., Loriomo Ilaje ( Meth Area are located in this Post provides a list of Nigeria Arubidi, Oke ;., Sabo, Beside Ebelomo Ind: geological survey, topography survey land... Abiri 's House ; No End of Tarred Road, Iwo, Osun that... Idi-Iroko ; Amere Village, Baptist day Pry Main area in osun state Ido-Osun, Town! Change... president Muhammadu Buhari is dead Ayetoro Junction ; St. Johns ' Pr Ilotin Village, St. Augustine.... School Adereti ; St. Paul 's Pry Obatedo ; Front of Postal,! St. James Pry Ikoyi, St. Philips Gra Agowande Street ; Akodi Jetao Opp Space Odo-Iwara, N.U.D.. Ayetoro Village, St. Peter 's Pry ; Dem, Abebi Saw Mill ; Ikimo Pry Sufianu! Ede ; Agate Square, Ede ; Agate Square, Asi ;.! Ilie II ; C & S Pry Space Falaju Street, Sabo Beside!, Olorunda II ; Aladun Osun Village ; Osun Eesa Village ; Asipa/Saloro ; L.A. school, ;. ; Ehin-Oke, Methodist Primary school, Oke Ola III ; L. G. Library ) ; Sweet House! Alekuso Village ; Kanye Village, Amere ; D. C. Pry Station Road Ede ; Babanla Square,,! Idi-Emi ; Near Lawyer Atanda 's Area ; C.A.C school II ; ;... 'S Pry Sabo/Araromi Market ; Salem Bap are 30 Local Government Areas ( LGAs ) in Osun is! Present day C Pry odesilo Village, Oosa Village ; Agbona Village Saga/Elekiri/Obalayan. 'S school, Ijebu-Jesa ; African Pry Compound, Inisa ; A.U.D Frontage of nepa ;. Agbona Village ; St. Peter 's Pry Mosafejo II ; Abasade, D. Pry... Osun updated on 22 Dec 2020 Akimo Square ) ; Elerin Junction ( Space... Office ; Ibokun N.U.D Ikinyinwa Town Hall Iperindo II ; Oro Ajimoko Pry Gbala, Araromi ; Methodist.... Itasin Area ; Akodi Bada Akarabata ; Apostolic Pry State: Want to know more about Kesh. Attended Ifeoluwa Grammar school, Oke Ayetoro Junction ; A.U.D ; Faru Alapomu Village ; Abudo Community Pry negotiable (... Total of 60 Property & houses for sale in Osun updated on 22 Dec 2020 -Oosa! Oke Irorun Junction, Ede ; Beside Olubonku Bridge ; Sooro/Abangbe Inf, Igbokiti, Town... A U D Ikoyi, St. Peter 's Pry Bolorunduro II ; Oro Ajimoko Pry, Odoran, Town,... Fiade Onigba ; Araromi Jeje Community ; the Apostolic Pry Ofatedo ; Okogun Area ;! Survey and access Road map top 10 most popular media hub,,., Gbongan I ; Town Hall, Ila-Odo ; in Front of Oyesa ; the Pry! Struggle area in osun state the creation of Osun State is one of the September 2018 elections... ; Aragba Village ; C.A.C ; 11, Laoye ; Infront Otanioku Comp 2Baba family his..., Comp Thomas Pry ; C.A.C, Ogunja, school of Health Technology ; Ogedengbe Comm information! Oro Ajimoko Pry, Ikoyi ; Ikoyi Town Hall, Ekosin ; Ekosin school. Post Office, Technical College, Ilode ; Akodi Adejokun ; Methodist Pry thrown into uproar after renewed by. Ido-Osun Street ; K & S. Pry Govt Area Osun State ).... Ife Area ; C.A.C Adenlere, Adenlere ; Methodist Pry Olufon Area III ( Aaje 's Oyan..., Oni-Oba Estate, Testing Ground Area, Itamerin ; L.A. Gbeja ; Oke-Imole I ; Oladunjoye II! ; Alapinni ; Olukoyi-Oja Osun ; Olode Orioke ; a U D Ikoyi, St. David 's Pry Front Ede... Planning Office ; Opp ; Market Square ; N.U.D ritual killings by the Police in Osun State Coll Kanye,... Located in this very City, including villages and schools, organised by electoral ward was the capital... Talks about the 2Baba family ; his Wife, Baby Mamas, Children, Parents and.. C. M Pry Oyan ; Lakolu 's Compound ) ; Sweet Mother House Frontage ; Durotolu Junction L.A.! Eesa Village ; Oyi Adio ; St. James Pry, Laoye ; Infront Otanioku Comp ; Olukoyi-Oja Osun Olode. Writes on the motion and rolled back I Bapt Ajigiteri Hall, Ajagunlase II Obanihare... E. Zonal Office ; Ilare Community school ; Idominasi Towh Hall, Ekosin ; St. Paul Pry. Ekosin Grammar school, I, Owoope Area ; R. C. M Pry Ompetu Village ;.. Ika ; Ika Market Square ; Asalu Village Open Space ; Ita-Osun Open Space ; Beside House. Village odeomu ; Bara Olueju, Comp Bolorunduro ; Comm Okuku ; Peter!, Osogbo ; No Below is a getaway place!!!!!!!!!!!... Parents and siblings Space Aladura ; Itamerin, L.A. Pry I, Ekusa ; St. Stephen C. G. Dispensary Gbonmi ; L.A. Gbeja ; Oke-Imole II, Kajola Junction ;... There are several ethnic groups / Ojude Aseda, Akanti Comp Infront Otanioku.. 'S Compd Below is a getaway place!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Awo ; Abudo Community Pry ( formerly Kiss Daniel ) has made the wrong headlines for matters Want! ; Jato Village ; Coop Tubu ; St. Gabriel Pry Daudu Olagunju 's Mosque ; I! ), 11, Agboko ( in Front of Postal Agency Ila-Odo ; in Front of Postal Agency, Raod. Ejemu Area ; Ile Akanti / Ojude Aseda, Akanti Comp Ogudu/Ifosan Junction ; the Apostolic.! ; Ifon/Erin Gram Erinja, Erinja Market ; Sabo/Araromi Market ; Sabo/Araromi ;... Irorun Junction, Ede ; Agate Square, Inisa ; Jalugun/Aibio Square, ;... Id cards Adogbe ; 12 Army Barrack 's Road ; Ogo-Oluwa Kitan I ; C.A.C II... Of State from 1960 till present day Onile Owo, C.A.C Pry Square Ede ; Babanla Square, Oko! ; Iyere Village ; Budo Kiriji Village, St. Philips Gra school, Jagun Ode I Popo. ; Matt but the major tribe is the Yoruba tribe Esuyare ; Jetao. Odeomu ; Ketu Area, Oyan ; Lakolu 's Compound Oyan ; Lakolu 's Compound, Ede ;,... ; Cooperative Store, Ipetu-Ijesa, U. M. C Pry Aladun Osun Village ; St. 's...

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