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Bodega Bay Hard Seltzer Elderflower Lemon & Mint 250ml 250ml. Add to trolley. Buy 3 for £5. Hard seltzer has already proven its credentials as a lucrative drinks category in the US, where it has swept across the nation like a carbonated tidal … This low calorie alcoholic drink with all natural flavourings is great for any calorie conscious drinker and we have more varieties than any other alcohol retailer in the country. This low calorie, light and easy-drinking fruited alcoholic beverage is a summertime revelation. With the average hard seltzer containing only 100 kcal, they appeal to the health-conscious consumer. £2 £8.00 per litre. ASDA will be the only supermarket to stock ... Kopparberg also launched its first Hard Seltzer just last month. Mike's Hard Seltzer Lemon 330ml 330ml. Hard seltzers are coming to the UK. Buy 3 for £5. June 15, 2020. We will always be … AB InBev’s Mike’s Hard Sparkling Water launched in the UK in November; while other seltzer brands include start-ups DRTY Hard Seltzer and Bodega Bay and US seltzers H2Roads Craft Hard Seltzer and Wild Basin. Swedish cider company Kopparberg is releasing a new range of hard seltzers in the UK at the end of May. Matija Pisk was inspired to create his hard seltzer brand DRTY on a trip to the US a little over a year ago. Category leading spiked seltzer brand, Mike’s Hard Seltzer, is expanding its presence in the UK this month, having secured listings at Tesco and Morrisons. We round up the best hard seltzer brands in the UK, and where to buy them. Buy 3 for £5. Find out more. Bodega Bay Hard Seltzer Apple Ginger & Acai Berry 250ml 250ml. The Hard seltzer revolution has arrived in the UK. 10 Best hard seltzers UK - Mike's Hard Seltzer Mike's At 100 calories a can, Mike’s Hard Seltzer is a low calorie, refreshing choice that comes in three flavours - Lemon, Lime and Black Cherry. Smirnoff Seltzer hits UK 9th June, 2020 by Melita Kiely As the hard seltzer trend takes the US by storm, Diageo is hoping to replicate its success in the UK with the launch of Smirnoff Seltzer. Berczy is an alcoholic sparkling water (or hard seltzer) with 4% alcohol, 75 calories and 3.5 grams of sugar per can, we never add sugar, sweeteners nasty additives or preservatives. Sales of White Claw have rocketed by 320% since 2018 and its 'made pure' motto has gone beyond marketing to represent a whole lifestyle. Asda currently has 341 stores in the UK - you can find your nearest branch by using the online store finder tool. So far, consumer awareness of the hard seltzer concept comes primarily from awareness of the category’s success in the US, especially via social media channels. We tested over 75 alcoholic seltzer flavors to find the 50 best hard seltzers worth buying now from top brands. Please confirm that you you are at least the minimum legal age for purchasing alcohol in … SkinnyBooze have the widest range of hard seltzers available anywhere in the UK. Offer. Add to trolley. Truly was launched nationally by Samuel Adams brewer Boston Beer Company in 2016. On Offer. Aldi launches first canned hard seltzer in the UK. On Offer. Follow. Xavier Warburton, CEO and founder of Sence Hard Seltzer is enthusiastic about this new drinks category hitting the UK shelves and bar scene. White Claw is not the first hard seltzer to enter the UK market: but its dominant position and power in the US market makes its launch a significant milestone for the category in the UK. Buy your hard seltzers today. We look at what are hard seltzers, calories in hard seltzer calories and finally the best hard seltzers on the market. Kopparberg Hard Seltzer, which is available in passion fruit, black cherry and mixed berries varieties, is 5% ABV, 93 calories, carb and gluten-free, and vegan friendly. Pharmacy Home Insurance Asda Mobile Personal Loans Pet Insurance Asda Opticians Asda Tyres toyou Parcel Service. ... 1.7 UK Units per can Please Drink Responsibly UK Chief Medical Officers recommend adults do not regularly exceed more than 14 units per week… Add Kopparberg Hard Seltzer Mixed Berries 330Ml Add add Kopparberg Hard Seltzer Mixed Berries 330Ml to basket Any 4 for 3 - Cheapest Product Free - Selected Premix Cans 187ml - 440ml Offer valid for delivery from 01/09/2020 until 10/01/2021 We’ve turned the idea of Hard Seltzer on its head by only using exceptional quality craft vodka distilled at our brewery. “We’ve just launched a delicious, refreshing hard seltzer in the UK market. The seltzer is just one of several “spiked” brands in its portfolio, which includes hard iced tea … £2 £8.00 per litre. Verity Bowman; 24 November 2019 • 6:00am. Our Alcoholic sparkling water has no added sugars or sweeteners, naturally. With Google searches for hard seltzer in the UK up 67 per cent in May this year, it’s no surprise that cult American brands such as White Claw (who make up over half of US hard seltzer sales) are making their way onto British supermarket shelves, while established names like Smirnoff and Kopparberg have been quick to jump on the hard seltzer bandwagon and launch their own versions too. Buy 3 for £5. According to BevNet, White Claw and Truly account for 85% of total hard seltzer value sales year-to-date. The 330ml cans have an RRP of £2.20. Asda Mobile Over 1000 RollBacks Entertainment new releases. From 1 June 2020, White Claw Hard Seltzer – an alcoholic sparkling water – will be available in the UK from supermarket chains Tesco, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s, with more retailers to follow. Hard seltzer is usually lower in calories than more traditional options like beer or canned cocktails. A Hard Seltzer for Healthy Hedonists. Add Mike's Alcoholic Hard Seltzer Black Cherry 330Ml Add add Mike's Alcoholic Hard Seltzer Black Cherry 330Ml to basket Any 4 for 3 - Cheapest Product Free - Selected Premix Cans 187ml - 440ml Offer valid for delivery from 01/09/2020 until 10/01/2021 Add to trolley. Kopparberg Hard Seltzer Passion Fruit 330ml (0)Leave a review. WHITE Claw Hard Seltzer has launched in the UK - and it's sure to be your new favourite summer drink. £2 £6.06 per litre. Sence Hard Seltzer. Wonder which spiked seltzers taste the best? And now, seeing as hard seltzers have become kind-of a big deal in the UK in 2020, Kopparberg, Smirnoff and Barefoot Wine have also launched their own range of these tasty tipples. White Claw The brand that triggered the whole trend has a cult following in the US (seriously, there's even Etsy merchandise). In the US, alcohol-spiked H20 has been fizzing away all summer, with brands such as White Claw, Truly, and Pura capitalising on the appeal of low-calorie drinking. Offer. Get inspiration for your everyday life with George at ASDA – read our Life & Style guide to get great tips and advice. The king of the hard seltzers, White Claw, will finally land in the UK next month. According to Waitrose research in 2019, 47% of UK consumers are trying to cut down on sugar, mid-week alcohol and are focusing on fitness. Low calorie, low sugar and intensely refreshing. Smirnoff launches hard seltzer cans in two ... so we’re thrilled to bring the new range of seltzers to the UK. Kopparberg is launching a new range of hard seltzer drinks, which contain carbonated water, alcohol, and a fruit flavoring. £2 £6.06 per litre. It’s disruptive nature and on-the go-format would also appeal to the adventurous consumer. Light and effervescent, these drinks are delicately flavoured with subtle sweetness. A Hard Seltzer for Healthy Hedonists. We’ve put together a UK focused guide on what to expect from the USA’s fastest growing drinks trends. Add to trolley. Global supermarket chain Aldi has launched in the UK its first range of canned hard seltzers, betting the no-and-low alcohol (Nolo) drinks that are reshaping the US beverage industry will appeal to British consumers. Sign up to our newsletter to get more articles like this delivered straight to your inbox. Hard seltzer, or alcoholic sparkling water, is the newest drink trend taking the UK by storm. With UK consumers seeking healthier products, valuing clean-label and yet also still looking for a little luxury, hard seltzer brands believe the UK market is primed for seltzer success. Asda reacted immediately by withdrawing the larger packs of Alka Seltzer from sale at its 207 stores. Hard Seltzer Mixed PackWe’ve turned the idea of Hard Seltzer on its head by only using exceptional quality craft vodka distilled at our brewery. This low calorie, light and easy-drinking fruited alcoholic beverage is a … Spiked seltzer trend comes to the UK as drinkers swap beer and wine for low calorie alternative Save London based Bodega Bay Hard Seltzers. Discover how to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home, from film nights & pamper sessions to dinner parties & game nights. Shopping safely with Asda Our latest guidance on COVID-19 for shopping with Asda. Hard Seltzer. As hard seltzers enter the UK, brand owners may have to do additional work in educating the wider UK public on what hard …

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